The basic interior design principals are the layer of decoration on the interior of a space within a building, be it residential or commercial.
The whole purpose of interior design is to create a room or rooms, which answer the needs of the individuals living in them whilst reflecting their personalities with good design, space and functionality.
A well-planned and well-designed interior design scheme not only looks beautiful but should also improve your quality of life.
Interior design is an intricate and extremely personal process, however there are a few key things you can do to get started,
First, you need to decide on a theme for your interior; this can be inspired by many things – a particular color palette used in a piece of artwork, an item of furniture from a certain era that you particularly like, or you can start from scratch by creating a virtual moodboard on Pinterest. Once you have identified your preferred color scheme and style, you can use this to inform the rest of your design.
Its about making a space feel like home and catering to the wants and needs of the people living there, and making sure that the space is practical and fully functional for day-to-day living. Once the practicalities are met, you then need to ensure the room looks beautiful and is designed to the tastes of those living there.